When Pottermore got started, this blog was a way for people who had not yet gotten their letters to take advantage of those who had. Now that Pottermore is open to the public, it's more of a glossary, a compendium of all the exclusive new content in Pottermore, all in one easy place.

You'd think I wouldn't need to say it, but if want to experience Pottermore for yourself without it being spoiled, DO NOT READ ON. Obviously.


The Copyright Infringement People got to me.

I’m sorry guys, but Pottermore has had all of their copyrighted content removed from this blog, and I won’t be continuing to post material. 

Upside, if you haven’t been on Pottermore in a while, the site is a lot easier to navigate now. i hope you continue to enjoy the Pottermore experience.

kaiiloveseveryone asked
Do you have any idea when book three is being released?

None at all. Judging by how long it took to get Book 2, we may not get three until next summer. I use insider.pottermore.com to stay in the loop, they usually give about a week’s warning there before they post anything new.

ah0y-jessica-deactivated2013032 asked
Hi, I was just wondering why I can't seem to start into the Chamber of Secrets? Like, when i click on the available chapters, the option to explore does not come up. I find it strange, because I don't think I missed anything, and I'm a Slytherin (supposedly they gained access first?) Anyway, why could this be?

Hmm, I really don’t know; I just went and double-checked and it’s still open for me. Maybe you didn’t totally complete the last chapter of the first book? Like you skipped the last step or something? If that isn’t it, then it sounds like a glitch, and the only thing I can suggest is making another account.